Friday, January 20, 2012

Fashion Week BERLIN

Yesterday I was in Berlin, where Premium Fair, Bread & Butter, Seek, Panorama, Bright and Mercedes Benz Fashion Week are going on. I visited fair & peeped some new trends for this and next winter - expecially in streetwear and casual wear. For a few next posts I will present pictures of fashionable people who I met there. 
What surprised me - first time from a long time I took note that guys (in different age) were dressed  better than ladies ! Their clothes was mixed very accurately - all patterns, fabrics textures, shoes and other details fitted together extremely well. Very popular for male outfits is "english college" style - with tailored, slim blazers, corduroy pants in many colours, check/ tartan coats and thick, patterned or plaited sweaters. Everything flavoured with bowties, funny knitted ties, suspenders, visored caps, vintage bags or oldschool smart shoes. Important detail are socks - now should be visible and have their own, defined style - can be cosy - thick and knitted or smart, but not boring. In both cases have to embellish the rest of clothing. 

Anyway it is better to see than to talk.

Fancy socks

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