Wednesday, December 7, 2011


In the middle of October I was again in China. I love this place - chineese clothes markets in big cities are real paradise for fashionable people looking for quiant clothes. The way of dressing and design of clothes are completely different than in Europe. Most of clothes have special look with many structural cuttings, crazy prints, colours and patterns. Chineese people, to tell the truth, like "very expensive" look with many ornaments, drapes, frills, lace & shiny beads, but from european point of view many of  their clothes (separately) are really fantastic. You can also find there a lot of gorgeous shoes - sometimes their forms are really amazing ! Every chineese trip is very inspiring for me:)

Glittery shoes, gorgeous trousers, laced top & black jacket with shiny beads.

Roy Lichtenstein back pocket.

The most creative & optimistic mens T-shirt I've lately seen.

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