Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Own Point of View

I am fascinated in the personal style of people who surround me, in street fashion. This is so inspiring to see how different people wear their clothes, how they match all details in one creative apparel. How simply sometimes they create the great stylings from quite ordinary stuffs. High fashion is the great incentive - offers many fabulous solutions for everyday clothing, but because of being unavailable for most of people, stays just an inspiration. Now the real fashion & fresh trends are creating on the streets, without any inferiority complex. I think Scott Schuman expressed this in the best way:   
As I’ve mentioned before, I think some people have lost the thread on how to relate to fashion shows.  Shows aren’t something that should make you feel bad about not being able to afford what you’re seeing, or not looking like a model.  Instead, they should just be pure inspiration for color, silhouette, genre, pattern matching…and DIY projects.
15.09.2011 Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist

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